FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really think this will work?

Nonviolent action has a long history of significant victories, and by working together we can let the leaders of both our countries know that we stand united for peaceful diplomacy.

How can I help out?

First, use our Facebook and chat apps. Then get your friends to the the same. Be sure to get on our email list using the form on the bottom of this page - it's the best way to get involved and get updated on this campaign.

Can I participate if I'm not from the US or Iran?

Currently, our chat and Facebook apps and our Red Phones events are meant to connect Americans and Iranians. We hope to use these tools to bridge other conflicts in the future (contact us if you're working on conflict resolution and would like to use tools like this for your organization). Anyone is welcome to join our email list, where we'll announce opportunities for people around the world to participate in this kind of campaign.

Do you need help with translation?

Yes! We are actively seeking translators to help us spread this campaign. If you would like to help out with English/Persian translation, please contact us.

Who's behind this campaign?

The Enough Fear campaign was created by The Action Mill. The Action Mill is a design studio that helps people become their own solutions to the problems they face. Combining techniques from design, community organizing, and nonviolent direct action, we create tools that have tangible social impact. These tools allow people to create the world they want to live in rather than describe it, and as such we constantly strive to move beyond the symbolic and toward the actual. We believe that the direct experience of change is the most powerful tool available, and that individuals and groups contain within themselves the solutions to many of their problems, though those solutions are often far from obvious. To find them, we challenge individuals and groups to see beyond the usual dividing lines and dogmatic arguments to ask new questions in order to find practical strategies for change. Find out more at www.actionmill.com.