Red Phones

In 2007, the Enough Fear campaign began holding a series of events in public spaces in the US where people are invited to use iconic, old-fashioned red phones to talk directly to volunteers in Iran. So far, we've set up direct phone links to Iran from Boston, New York, Seattle, Ithaca, NY, and Washington DC.

These conversations have included high school students, engineers, musicians and five members of the US congress. Participants can choose to talk about any topic they like and are encouraged to trade contact information for longer conversations. While limited in number, these conversations have recieved extensive media coverage in both the US and Iran, and was the subject of a New Yorker article, multiplying their effect.

Our DC event, a collaboration with the Campaign for a New American Policy on Iran, included film crews from LinkTV at both ends of the conversation. You can view a short documentary here. Phone calls have been made from public spaces in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, and Ithaca, NY, with more planned in the coming months.