The Enough Fear campaign is an international effort to prevent war and increase dialog between the US and Iran. We began in 2006 by collecting photos of Americans and Iranians saying "no" to war. We began setting up free direct phone connections to Iran throughout the United States in 2007. With the help of countless volunteers in Iran and in the US we connected average Americans with average Iranians for short discussions on any topic they liked.

Now, we're expanding Enough Fear into the social media realm to give more Americans and Iranians a chance to talk to each other every day. You can use our real-time chat and our Facebook app to start making connections right now!

The Enough Fear campaign was created by The Action Mill. We create tools for tangible social impact, working with our partners to make lasting change. If you're an organization looking for innovative ways to reach your goals, contact us.

The Enough Fear campaign Red Phones events are funded in part by The Lee + Gund Foundation.

Our online connection tools (Facebook and direct chat apps) are funded by a grant from the Instructional Telecommunications Foundation.

Special thanks to the Fellowship of Reconciliation for fiscal sponsorship of this project.

And thank you to everyone who made direct donations and volunteered to work at events and translate our materials - you make this campaign possible!